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The result of a die roll is determined by the way it is thrown, according to the laws of classical mechanics.

Dice are frequently used to randomize moves in board games, usually by deciding the distance through which a piece will move along the board; examples of this are backgammon and Monopoly.

Dicing is mentioned as an Indian game in the Rigveda, Atharvaveda and Buddha games list.

There are several biblical references to "casting lots", as in Psalm 22, indicating that dicing (or a related activity) was commonplace when the psalm was composed.

Although gambling was illegal, many Romans were passionate gamblers that enjoyed dicing, which was known as aleam ludere ("to play at dice"). Letters by Augustus to Tacitus and his daughter recount his hobby of dicing. Tali were large dice inscribed with one, three, four, and six on four sides.

Tesserae were smaller dice with sides numbered from one to six.

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