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Types of speleothems include Speleothems may also occur in lava tubes.

OPEN-O delivers to the community a micro services based architecture providing operators an incremental path to transform their networks (including OSS/BSS), through the adoption of SDN and NFV orchestration platform.One of the main challenge of the technique is the correct identification of the radiation-induced centers and their great variety related to the nature and the variable concentration of the impurities present in the crystal lattice of the sample.ESR dating can be tricky and must be applied with discernment.These can provide clues to past precipitation, temperature, and vegetation changes over the last ~ 500,000 years.Another dating method using electron spin resonance (ESR) — also known as electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) — is based on the measurement of electron-hole centers accumulated with time in the crystal lattice of Ca CO exposed to natural radiations.

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