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is going full-on interstellar as she shows off six amazing space age holiday looks.But that's not all: Peyton's also stepping into 2018 with a new boyfriend, new movies and new goals—and she's spilling secrets on it all.Actions really speak better, and I always try to prove my loyality and my feelings by actions, by makin...more about Elena from Kharkiv I want to say, that I am GOOD person.So what should you do when those less-than-honest students strike close to your classroom? Page 75: Go HERE for all the Christmas playlist inspo you'll ever need.

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If you’re in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia, area this Saturday and you’re into sneakers and dope fashions, you definitely want to be at the 4th annual Shoe Topia sneaker event. Shoe Topia, sponsored by Major DC and Cmonwealth, two of the area’s hottest boutiques, will be going down this Saturday, June 23rd at ICONS Sports Lounge & Grille, located at 10418 Main St, Fairfax, VA.

This sneaker showcase was said to have over 1,000 attendees last year will go for more this time around.

That's why we're shelling out all the amaze prezzies you can win *right* HERE.

Cool winter reads All we want for Christmas is a bunch of books and a cozy corner to curl up in.

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And we've got you covered with the first part (the cozy corner is up to you but we recommend piles of snuggly blankets and fleecy PJs! We're giving away all the must-reads to 5 lucky girls.

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