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By 1245 the Carmelites were so numerous in England that they were able to hold their first general chapter at Aylesford, where Saint Simon Stock, then eighty years old, was chosen general.

During his rule of twenty years the order prospered: foundations were made at London and Cambridge (1247), Marseilles (1248), Cologne (1252), York (before 1253), Monpellier (before 1256), Norwich, Oxford and Bristol (1256), Paris (1258), and elsewhere.

Carmelo and La La Anthony are in a limbo stage of their relationship ... We're told they're definitely not getting back together, but are working together to be there for their 10-year-old son. "Divorce isn't on the horizon." When we last saw them together, Melo and La La were co-parenting on Mother's Day ...

neither one is in any hurry to file divorce papers because they're happy with the way things are right now.

A monastery of Discalced Carmelite friars was built close to the original site under the auspices of Fr.

Julius of the Saviour and consecrated on 12 June 1836.) Some time between 12 the hermits, about whom very little is known, approached St.

What is distinctive of Carmelites is the way that they practice the elements of prayer, community and service, taking particular inspiration from the prophet Elijah and the Blessed Virgin Mary, patrons of the Order.

These three elements are at the heart of the Carmelite charism.

The most recent statement about the charism of Carmel was in the 1995 Constitutions of the Order, in which Chapter 2 is entirely devoted to the idea of charism.

The rule consisted of sixteen articles, which enjoined strict obedience to their prior, residence in individual cells, constancy in prayer, the hearing of Mass every morning in the oratory of the community, vows of poverty and toil, daily silence from vespers until terce the next morning, abstinence from all forms of meat except in cases of severe illness, and fasting from Holy Cross Day (September 14) until the Easter of the following year. Albert addresses a prior whose name is only listed as "B." When later required to name their founders, the Brothers referred to both Elijah and the Blessed Virgin as early models of the community.

Later, under pressure from other European Mendicant orders to be more specific, the name "Saint Bertold" was given, possibly drawn from the oral tradition of the Order.

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Quite the contrary, both 'Melo and La La were straight-faced, but walked in together -- he even held the door for her -- as they entered with 10-year-old Kiyan. Well, if he's closer to a decision on his NBA future, he wasn't letting on to our camera guy.

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